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How to attain righteousness.
* Righteous is a state believed for every believer to attain. *
What to know:
-Righteousness originates from the mind and then manifests in the actions.

Righteous behaviour is taught at church and its a bit troubling to adhere to;
~ Love your enemies,
~ Do good to those who harm you,
~ Be honest in all deals you make,
and many other guidances.
What to do then:
Jesus promised a gift of the Holy Spirit. It is He who enables us to do the intolerable.
The Holy Spirit helps us to bear the fruits needed for a righteous life.
Note to remember:
~Righteousness is a process that is attained gradually through life.

Jesus is the only way to the Father.
No other way.
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A life away from God feels unsatisfying and lacking.
Jesus died and rose again.
He overcame death and he is alive.
I dare you to say; "God you are great."
Every one needs God. Life without Him really feels empty. Even with abundance, it will not bring peace of mind.
Ask our God to be with you in this life.
I give you advice, life with God is through Jesus Christ.
You need to believe in Him and accept that he died for us. And that he came from the Father.
Then do what he commands.
You will feel a new state of life.
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Do not pay evil for evil.
But rather, do good to those who wrong you.
You will be blessed by our Father in heaven.
All glory and honour to God of hosts.

"How will it be when i have gone where i cannot return?" thought I.
A place my beloved will i nolonger see.
And a fate all living ones shall see.
What will find i think?
In a foreign world of fear.
Who will be a kind guide to me?
It is He who calls me beloved son.
He who reigns in all over all.
In Him my hope rests.
And Him i will wait.
He will keep me safe.
In His bossom of rest.
Trust in the LORD GOD oh my soul.

"Death, where is your sting?"said one man.
The hearts of kings are in the Lord's hand.

Let us pray for our leaders that God Almighty may guide their ways into making right decisions.
"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and strength."

I used to think it obvious to fulfil this commandment. But not sure now;

I prefer eating to fasting. Yet fasting is drawing near to God.

I prefer internet than reading the Bible. The Bible is God''s word.

I prefer sleep to waking up for prayer. Prayer is a mean of talking to God.

Have these and many others become idols to me that I worship other than the living God?

God have mercy. ;( ;(
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My mouth I may stop from speaking evil.

My hand I may stop from picking what is not mine.

My eye I may turn from seeing evil.

BUT my heart of all parts; how can i tame from loving evil and hating good.

Praise be to God of my salvation who moulds my heart like a potter.

Christ is coming for a church without blemish. Ask God to wash your heart with the blood of the lamb.
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Life is like a dream.

What if you woke up tomorrow finding your self being punished for wrongs you've been doing in the life-dream.

Be careful with this life-dream, any time you can be waken up. And the sad part is you may not sleep again to make up the mistakes.

An advice to the wise believers. Jesus Christ is on the way. Mind your ways.
When Jesus Christ returns, he will take the righteous.
Righteousness is not how you behave but what you are.
No one can be righteous on his own without God`s spirit.
We get the Holy Spirit when we accept Jesus Christ as one that God chose for human redemption.

Task: Make a brief statement from the text above on how one can be made righteous.
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I sat for my exams last year in November.
My prayer was having no retake in any paper because it really hurts.
We left and waited for results. Till August, no results released. Panic increased and fear of how i would face my parents with retakes.
One prayer i would pray because i knew what i did: " God who does the impossible, show me your mercy." Success seemed impossible.
I used to check google and was used to the results.
This time it wasn't the case, instead a title stating: "15000 fail their grade III exams".
I was stuck in between joy of release and sorrow of failing.
I had a debt of sh.700000 and had collected it.
I was tempted to use the money than paying for a failure.
I reached and paid. The DPP told me i was the best with a distinction. It seemed a joke but he was a serious man to make such jokes.
I now tell it to friends.
God does the impossible. Put your trust in Him. Praise be to God..
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The environment is being degraded due to quest for survival.
What is the fuel you use to cook your food?
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Do you know that there is one God creator of heaven and earth?
I guess yes.
He calls upon us to love Him and follow His will.
Accept His Son Jesus Christ whom he gave as a remedy for man's sin and then confess your sins to God.
He will surely have mercy on you and He will come into your life.
All who accept Him, He gave them authority to be sons of God.
Would you like to become a son of the Most High? Say this prayer;
God my Father, i thank you for the gift of your Son Jesus Christ.
I confess my sins before you and i ask that may you forgive me.
I accept that Jesus died for my sins and i welcome you in my life as my God.
Come and do your good will in me.

If you've said this prayer, God is ready to work in your life.
Seek His knowledge and righteousness and everything shall be added unto you.
Thank you for your time. May God bless you.
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If you are reading this, Jesus loves you personally and he likes you to leave your wicked ways and come to him and accept him as your Lord and saviour. If you hear this, do not harden your heart for behold whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal lifeIf you are reading this, Jesus loves you personally and he likes you to leave your wicked ways and come to him and accept him as your Lord and saviour. If you hear this, do not harden your heart for behold whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
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