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When you are harshing about discussing a Sanity word, Some people might hope you are Insanity
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Our babies are smaller hahaha
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Eh this nowadays kids were so funny oo
I tell my younger brother (7years) child to help me tell mum to give him egg that we wanna play table tennis. Think what he tell for mum
He said "mum, brother tell me to bring egg that he want to play table pennis"
Am just laughing since morning
Not table pennis, na table pussy
I've never see a ugly nigerian female musician. All were beautiful!!

Qing madi
Tiwa savage
Ayra starr
Bloody civillian
Yemi alade
Candy bleakz
Dj cuppy

All these mentioned were 100% beautiful
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May the most expensive coffin/casket ever right to you and your family!
Say amen if you want to live long life!!
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After she ate the yam and egg that I cooked by myself and I tell her say "oyah nah, omoh am horny"
She now lied tell me say she be virgin and I tell her "you virgin? What of the day u're moaning at Samad's room?"
She lied that she was toileting
I fainted! eheh
It seems like all this mosquitoes has resume back to bed, so I need to drink one bottle of sniper and one bottle of dd force to rub my whole body to avoid them.
Hope am on the right way?
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You can not drink a water dat contain little black dirt!
But you can drink a garri dat contain many black dirt!
so what's the different between the water dirt and garri dirt? abi garri dirt gives you vitamin?
Hiss, my android don spoilt again! Right now I dey use java mobile and I need facebook app. guys please where can I get a quality facebook java app?
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Nigerian Ss3 students don sign out bayi!
I wish you all best of luck and early admission into higher institution maybe university / polytechnic in the name of God!
And don't forget to credit my aza for your success in graduating senior secondary school!!!
Hey guys, Am sorry for posting this late, I just receive my phone now from engineer shop!

Happy Birthday To Me!
Am +1 today

May God continue his blessings, provisions & protections on me and you reading this post!!

June product, Where are you guys

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The story why letter ABC follows themselve!

Letter A was a person who was very hardworking.
So one day, letter A is on his way to work where he met letter X in a critical incident, his two leg both scatter through the injury he has thats why his leg not straight till now.
So letter A help letter X and carry him for treatment.
On the way where letter A was carrying letter X for treatment, they met 2 jolly friend who was letter B & letter C.
Letter B & letter C was a vigilant. So they chance letter A that where do you see the person you carried, letter A says, I saw him in a critical incident so I help him.
Letter B says "no! You kidnapped him"
Letter A says "no! As my name means Assume anything, I need to assume if he can survive"
Letter B too replied, my name also means "Believe nobody"
While letter C too says, my name means "Confirm everything"
Letter B says "So I don't believe u". Letter C too says "Letter B, lets confirm first"!
They left letter X and walk away, so 3 of them became friend!!
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I told you, Population of male on Yocliq is much than female on Yocliq

Deal or no deal? Who wan confirm
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Chioma has been tying her skirt with men trouser rope since the day a heavy wind collect her skirt from her bum in my front!
Is everyday nah celebration
Do you know?

Money without Peace is like House with no Roof and na rain go wet person for there!

Then Peace without Money is like Block with no Cement and nah rain go break it!

So when we are praying for Money; my bro, my sis; pls lets also pray for Peace of mind and Money cannot buy the Peace God gives to us

Illness that can't be treated is also part of things that no give Peace!
And if they compare you that have Peace but no much Money vs a Rich man with no Peace, You are the winner cause if you have Peace, You still have hope to be rich!!

Grant my preaches now if you like!!
Nigerian Guys, No wahala anymore!
I don kidnapp tinubu's daughter

Thank God I request ransome of N900, 000 000

Call me to collect your own share.
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Guys I have get many amunitions and charm!

How can I become a kidnapper
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You might not laugh too much oo, but you just laugh a little
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Who sing pass??
  • 0%
  • Wizkid
  • 100%
  • Davido
  • 0%
  • Burna Boy
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Wish you all the best!
The most happiness shall be right to you
Peace be upon you reading this post. God shall be protecting us from evil doers!

We shall not met dead when we're looking for shelters.
Illness shall not right to us, Blessings of God shall shower on us.

An adorable & special feelings for your day...

Say "amen" if you read all these prayer!!
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Aren't you get updated?

A days left, Simi don collaborate with Falz again on "Borrow Me Your Baby" and the music appears 2nd on apple music top rated list chart!

Get now on

Please @uniquegee & other guys can you too borrow me your baby sexually??
Omoh see... Me I don tire of this Nigeria ooo

Shay this Baba Tinubu wanna paayin?

WAEC is going on, and they were planning to strike for 2week!

Workers protest that they want huge amount of salary and the most least worker's salary must be N270, 000

Yeh! I don dey thinking since morning that which kind of president dey leading us.
He wanna kill us with sufferness while him will be enjoying with his family & relatives

NECO too is coming soon, but this strike is confusing students. Even dey say baba tinubu wanna change the "Nigeria" name!

Abeg, carry your luggage and lets relocate to heaven or let go and throw bomb to asorock and blow baba tinubu.

Oh boi, I dey my house, com stone me
Best on YoCliq is
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  • Yung jake
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  • Sherizo
  • 100%
  • Tynash
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Dem say Education will never end!!

That's a very big lie!! It will end cause there is no more education after the day of ressurection!!

One thing that will never end is "Love"
Even in the holy Bible & Al-Quran, God says he will still gives paradise mens beautiful womans in paradise to be making love with!!

So if someone's tell you education will never end, Tell am "nah lie"
E dey put you on legless horse, make you no move to anywhere.
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Welcome! Welcome!! Welcome!!! To The Month Of June (6)

To whom who remember my goods, and to whom who realize my bad deeds!

Am using this year, this month, this week, this day, this hour, this minute, this seconds to wish you that "Happy New Month!" to you all my friends, followers & the whole family of yocliq!

Guess wat! June 11 2024, is the code for this year and I will be +1.

In advance, I wish you guys Happy New Month once again!

June products, Lets celebrate here... The middle month of all year, We are proud of being born into June!!!
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Wahala! Wahala!! Wahala!!!
DJ Cuppy is still craving for men after she attended her friends' wedding ceremony, Aswear she be like crying on instagram!

What a wealth and riches, but no man to crown her wealth!

Can you now see that money & wealth can't solve all things in life!
She has money, but no husband to marry! Although many men duped him and run away!

Assume I & her were age-mate, I would have approach her!
I want to give YoCliq social anthem!
Should I go on
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Aswear, This life na too funny oo!
Despite all money I had lost in my life.
Am just going out by the night passing the frontyard of a church and am hearing someone's loud voice praying repeatedly to found money on the floor!
Can that be possible, something that you don't work for and hoping to reach you out wherever you are.
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