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Am Social Media Influencer with Digital Marketing towards my career as songwriters and hip-pop ft....see more
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Happy birthday @sherizo long life & prosperity in good health and wealth althoug u didn't tell anyone but i saw it frm @tolani post
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We learn <-> We gain but we sometimes we learn does not be position to we gain coz no advantages in their!

Webmaster in house! @tynash @masterkraft @itsbgold and #more

pls i need html code for "CHATBOX UI" Pls i really need if u wish i can pay u
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Gm @tynash pls can i use your svg icon? I need svg format so and i see that all svg that is here have yocliq url only
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List of succesful webmaster with well know of categories

1. @SubZer0
2. @tynash
3. @masterkraft
4. @YoungPresident
5. @guydarcy
6. @itsbgold

am not here to mock or what ever am talking frm what i saw in history of IQ although my name may be there doesn't mean is not true! #PROVEMEWRONG
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When am pressing phone i fell down suddenly frm upstairs and i heard kraaa! Thank God is my neck not my screen phone
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We are on studio right now! New music is on the label wait for it! Famz!

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Rate this 1to10 And don't forget to follow @YoungPresident at any social media platfor with @Ayorinde Abdul Qudus
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@blessed_gift this is the type of vawulence people am talking about!
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Butcher Needed at Plot A&B Tynash Street at Young President Compound Behind Yocliq Social Media Company Zimbabwe knife Blood Nigeria

You must come with your CV Degree or Master Needed to qualify for this opportunity
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Omo am just passing my street up and down i never smell any jollof rice aroma abi nah white rice they dey cook! Pls give me location dm or call my number
Don't u hear that tinubu fall down on june 12 at Abuja? And it say that is Nigeria Problem that want to kill him is it true?
I unlock proficient star level within a three month i do everything in low key! Even i met thousand of people in novince but till today still in novince although i'll not collect any money in it but it an achievement to me and not ordinary achievement but great despite all by removing my post i didn't give up thanks @tynash #new #level #star #proficient #audioplaywapkiz #music #latest #google #result #x #fb #justnow #sound #ypnation
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Just saying online and listen to music everytime it make me feel lonely at yocliq
Wellcome to my month with peace and happiness! Guyz! June 6 is the code!
Let vibez! Together #yocliqers wait til june 6 #ayorindeabdulqudus #youngpresident #fb #x #twitter #justnow #cr7 #metaverified #result #audioplaywapkiz #music #birthdays #june6 #newmonth AND AM USING THIS TIME TO TELL U THAT HAPPY NEW MONTH!
Follow us on fb page handle "AudioPlay Music" show us love by following us, like us and inviting your friend
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Waec candidate student gather here now we have meeting here!
Since have join this web is dark mode am using try that darkmode
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@blessed_gift this is the type of vawulence people am talking about!
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