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Don't intimidate
Don't discriminate
Don't hate for any reason
Live your life legitimately,,
Don't live a life that would practically affect you.

¤Remember,#FIRST_of_ALL is not the #BEST_of_ALL...

#Blessed_Gift is back
Success is not fatal;failure is not final:it is the courage to continue that counts.
Never stop trying.
be unstopable,
remind yourself 'why'(why you're doing it),
always encourage yourself,,
even though you are slow,just keep going.
it's better for you to be slow than for you to stop.
just don't GIVE UP
It only takes determination and courage to get what you want
Hello guys!
it's been a while now,,
hope you're all doing good?
When Ever You Fall Pick Something Up

Happy new month!
Never judge someone by what you've heard about them
Happy birthday to my humble self
Don't judge a situation by what you've seen.you don't know what would happen next.

learn to be silent in some cases and don't be too quick to judge

It pays to be GOOD
Nothing last forever
Do all the GOOD you can,by all the MEANS you can,in all the WAYS you can,in the PLACES you can,and as long as ever you can.

There's no prize without a price.
A lie would add to your troubles,subtract from your energy,multiply you difficulties and divide your effectiveness.
Everything in life is temporary.
So if things are going good,enjoy it because it won't last forever.And if things are going bad,don't worry.it can't last forever either.
Run when you can,
Walk when you have to,
Craw if you must.
Quiz time!

The RICH need it.
the POOR have it.
and if you eat it you die
what is it???
What comes twice in a week,once in a year and never in a month¿??
Anger doesn't solve anything,it destroys everything.
ANGER is only one word away from DANGER.
please learn to control your any ANGER cause it can put you in DANGER.
See the small things that nobody else notice cause little things,make BIG DAYS.
There is Beauty in the SMALL THINGS.
The beginning of anxiety is the bent of faith,the beginning of true faith is the end of anxiety.
What's going on?
You will not know how hard the journey is,,,
untill you walk in people's shoe.
learn to HELP others!!
ENVY no one!!
LOVE one another..

Don't get upset with situation or people.
Both are powerless without your REACTION
Be careful for #nothing but in #everything
Never mind who you praise but be careful whom you blame
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