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  Born August 18
  Joined 1 August 2022
I just added a post in tycchat.but i think it is not visible here
Imagine the moment when you tell your mother you bought iphone X for 40k and she gives money to buy one for her ...see more
It's only in nigeria people will knock on your door and stilk uses their mouth to do "ko-ko-ko".But nigerian......why?
Having strict parents is funny oo. imaging rehearsing how to ask for permission ...see more
Thieve's broke into someone's house.searched everywhere but found nothing.out of anger they started flogging the guy telling him to work hard
If "lol" means laugh out loud then does "lolz" laugh out loud zagadat
Who notice that shopping is always more fun when you are spending someone's else money instead of your own
If money is the root of all evil then what is poverty
A man save his girlfriend number as"low battery"so whenever his phone is ringing,his wife will go and charge the phone
Finally,i make it in nigeria.i now know how to speak french:Born june mama,come on serve her,serve her beer mercy
Which day of the week is the most boring
  • 43%
  • Monday
  • 14%
  • Wednesday
  • 43%
  • Thursday
  • 0%
  • Others
Total votes: 7 • Final results
Naija parents can send you unecessary messages when they see you are doing nothing.like:charming! Go and check wether there is air outside.
Good morning friends
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When everything seems to be going smoothly in your life,that is when the devil will come and give you a boyfriend/girlfriend.
I'm done watching nigeria movie,where someone will die with agbada and wake up with t-shirt
Some girls will be complaining of spiritual husband....when you sleep naked at night,seducing innocent spirits,you don't know abi?? you think those spirits are gay joy:
At the atm point after waiting for 2hours on the queue,and finally it is your turn,then you realised you are holding your voter's card.
Sleeping next to YOUR new bae or boo for the first time is tough.you have to breathe in english,not too loud,not too deep and not too fast.
The problem of Nigeria started with confusion in speaking english
Nigerian:extreme end

Nigerian:so therefore(it is a banger)...see more
Who can translate this to correct english "how many years i take senior you"lets see english students ...see more
Please guys who sing the song overdose by mavins
Don't love too much
Don't trust too much
Don't hope too much
Because that too much can hurt you so much.
good morning friends
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