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Try to donate silver to the clan treasury and take care of clan quests if you can complete it.
Sender: Master One
3 days before
Welcome to the world of titans!
Enjoy the game!
Personal offer!
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Good evening guys
keep enjoying yocliq
xup guys
Xup guys
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A media file uploaded by KeenRulzze
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  • Deola
    Level 14 • Apprentice
    I am cool and gentle alway ready to meet new people and also to chat with them
I also suggest that there should be more than two daily tasks and we should be able to see numbers of vote in a duel not(hidden vote)
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Good evening guys
Hello guys i need your vote on my duel
Thanks for voting
if you are online
message me let chat
Good afternoon everyone
keep enjoying Yocliq
Which premier league club has the highest goals
  • 0%
  • Liverpool
  • 50%
  • Arsenal
  • 50%
  • Man city
  • 0%
  • Newcastle united
Total votes: 4 • Final results
A media file uploaded by Deola
A media file uploaded by Deola
A media file uploaded by Deola
You are the water in my well without you I no well
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