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  Born July 23
  Joined 24 July 2022
Davido: he performed in world cup final
burna boy: he will perform in ucl final
wizkid: as for dis one he performed in calabar champions league
Chelsea fans i feel like crying for you guys, consis10th fans
See me see hot breakfast
Who miss me?
Good morning guys and a special good morning to sherizo
Me i dey on my own now, i no want yawa
Am done and dusted with duels
Hello!! anyone home?
Who banned me from posting?
Testing mick nothing last forever!! nothing last forever!! that's me testing mick as the mc on my ex wedding day
The house is boring lets debate on this important issue, between the husband and wife, who is more important? Everyone's idea is accepted
Good morning ladies and gentlemen, for now no joke becoz am in exam week, by next week i will be fully active
Seriously! I thought money is the only thing that changed people, not until yesterday when i went to an occasion and ordinary JOLLOF RICE made someone do like as if she don't know me ...see more
Age 6: i want to be a doctor!!!
Age 15: look mommy!! All A's
Age 18: medicine is hard
Age 22: make some noise for Dj Emeka!!!
"BTS! BTS! BTS!" I don't understand what is
happening, what, why and who are people
screaming to, chanting that word. But I keep
my face down, and sprint silently through the
street, trying to find a cafe where I can rest,
make up my thoughts, and keep moving.
But suddenly, a gunshot echoed, and chanters
turned into screams of fear.... TBC
How is it guys???
Indeed, the street was blocked with people
screaming and pushing each other. The
motive? None of my business. My only
problem was to keep moving.
I make my way through the people, trying
not to touch anyone. The last time I touched
someone... didn't go so well.
I did the right thing, didn't I? If I had stayed, I
would have been killed. And death is not an
option for me.
"Girl, you need to get out, the street is
blocked, and I don't think these people are
going to move anytime soon." I put my black
hoodie down, covering my face from the bus
driver, and nod thanks to him as I climb down
the bus.
Even though it was real.
The moon shines brightly, and even though it
is pretty late at night, there are many people
covering the streets of Seoul. I let my head
fall to the cold crispy window of the bus, and
wait until it advances once again, taking me
as far away from that place as possible.
I am BTS' bodyguard-chapter 1The bus comes to a halt, and I am suddenly
awaken from my nightmare. People get out
of the bus, but I stay on my sit, waiting for it
to start again, and take me somewhere far.
The images of the girls being tortured and
killed are fresh on my mind, yet I try to tell
myself none of it is real.
I am BTS' bodyguard - After escaping a military
experiment camp, Ae
Ri finds herself
struggling with the
changes her body is
going through, after
they experimented
on her. They gave
her abilities;

Should I Start??
Apple is now 300 naira, something the serpent gave Eve for free
Guys i want to start posting stories, now the question is should i create a group for or post it in homepage. Please i want to see your request in the comment box
Who is the funniest novice
  • 0%
  • Memeking
  • 67%
  • Donjerry
  • 33%
  • Shedrack
Total votes: 6 • Final results
Slim girls are beautiful, the problem comes when they are pregnant, they would look like python that just swallowed a goad i come in peace
What is Nigerians best food?
  • 58%
  • Garri
  • 17%
  • Bread
  • 17%
  • Rice
  • 8%
  • Beans
Total votes: 12 • Final results
I'm on my way baby, this alone can motivate a guy to sweep the whole community. If you know you know
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