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  Born February 20
  Joined 16 December 2022
Please subscribe to hydravio gaming on youtube!
Hey if you have YouTube please subscribe to UniFit Magma!🙏🙏
My name is... Josh!
Just one hour till the name reavel
Bro didn't know what hit him
A media file uploaded by Dungeons_05
dungeon lord aka me, is getting stronger!
A media file uploaded by Dungeons_05
Who's your favorite marvel hero and villian.
Which is my name?
  • 50%
  • Jake
  • 25%
  • Josh
  • 25%
  • John
  • 0%
  • Joel
Total votes: 4 • Final results
I'm gonna creat a poll with 4 names and one of them will be my name after the poll has expired i will reveal my name
Who here likes american football?
  • 25%
  • Yes
  • 25%
  • No
  • 50%
  • Kinda
Total votes: 4 • Final results
Bouta go to church! I hate waking up early though🙁
yo my broskies am back sorry i've been gone so long
I'll name reveal at 20 followers. So pls follow.
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