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  Born January 1
  Joined 25 May 2022
Hello guys how are you doing,is my birthday i was dripping with guys and some of my girls who hangout with me guys wish me well am with lobby we now move as good nigga
A media file uploaded by Ebiyoranthony
Guys i have yahoo update for sales Dm me now
Sheriff your mama toto I go give mad man shop am he spit am like chewing gum because your father nor get cock Na make your mama they open leg for everybody I your mom that are ass and pussy is smelling like suck away and you your prek like your papa pipos
Haha the nonsense and useless fool replied to by insulting his father bricks that can't produce am sure your mother went outside to fuck
I taught people move from zero to hero but some mods moved from zero to hero and fall back as a big useless fool that can't do anything to please himself rather than fooling himself 😎😎😎😎😁😁😁
Sup guys how are you doing today
What's going on?How are you doing guys been long u hear from me
Longer troat lol
Na so
A media file uploaded by Faveluv
God will take control
I tire self
A media file uploaded by Faveluv
What's going on? Here just on a cool mood,efcc come pick people for our back both people when never pick they pick them enter van
see face jesus
Hi lobby22
A media file uploaded by Savage23
is bored. Start a conversation.
Who is the best trouble maker in yocliq
Hey guys happy new month and happy 62 independent to our country NIGERIA HIP!! HIP!! HURRY!!!!:);) Jokes niger u don reach 62 now oh nor let ur junior use u do joke
My sinior bro marriage
A media file uploaded by Ebiyoranthony
Never!!!,nma is the 1 and only person who is addicted to my smile and my lips even my whole body
At of their two who should tynash remove from moderator
  • 100%
  • Sherizo
  • 0%
  • Cletus
Total votes: 3 β€’ Final results
Where did u get this anime from
Guy just having fun Lol
A media file uploaded by Ebiyoranthony
pls wapka and wapkiz,waphost coders need if can code sites on those builders pls dm me lets share log in
here my little trape
proudly singles never have sex
living in the past,
because when i do the shit,i know am getting flashback
,am so impress,i gat no friends,
i dont manipulate you, because am tryna make things clear,because an too good for looove,yeah!shalty say she need some space,that part 1
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