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  Born January 1
  Joined 24 August 2022
Please guy join http://.upchat.wapka.co/
hi pls join this site https://upchats.wapka.co/ and told them I invite you please
Girlfriend was sing by who
  • 0%
  • Davido
  • 0%
  • Olamide
  • 0%
  • Rema
  • 100%
  • Ruger
Total votes: 6 • Final results
Fuck you yocliq ban me
I do not care if yocliq is going to banned me go on you are the one that is loosing member
This place is stupid becuz i post something they don remove it fuck u yocliq
If you see this post and you did not vote for me before 14hours or 13 hours you phone will spoil and you will not get money to repair it AMEN !!!
If i sent you a scramble word game invitation and you accept it and you said you are not playing anymore do not tell me to invite you
Please who have another website that look like yocliq
Please my friends my duel remain 3days please vote 4 caroljoy
Christian2 where are you are you afraid to play with me
Who dare to play word scrambled with me just say invite me
Who want to play word scrambled game dm me
My lovers and my people when you follow me or you vote for me message me direct
Mecky please go and verify your account so that we can chat
His name is john
He is name is john
Problem dey here oo i want to play game with someone and i send him the invite and i say accept it he don dey say i should give him MTN card to accept the invitation i think admin should take an action on that person
What's going on let chat am bored
Me and tory play a game and i guess 99 words right and he guess nothing right
Admin i have a problem here how can you just give us just 20sec to answer 8letters word you suppose to give us like 40sec
Good morning my lovers
Vote for me my lovers please
A media file uploaded by Flash
A media file uploaded by Flash
Who want to play duel