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  Born November 25
  Joined 29 June 2022
Had it been there were staff members, you won't have seen all those different site links on homepage.

bro @Tynash, they are also very important, they help filter the site. Pls we need staff members here. Thanks @Josh.
Bro @Tynash, now that you are fully back, pls we need new features.
Good morning yocliqers, the house is always boring these days, pls what should we do? To bring yocliq back to normal
Just remembering those days, where everyone wish and fight to be a staff member in yocliq, thats when the site was super cool and nice. But now, where are others? Where are old, greate yocliq members. They are absent. The site is now dry and boring. Bro @Tynash, you need to work hard. So as to make the site a fun one again. #josh ...see more
Good evening and happy sunday. Remaining greate yocliqers in the house.
Good morning yocliqers.

Today is the deal day. Pls support and vote for PETER OBI
Good morning greate yocliqers in the house, today is monday, any update???

If there is none pls visite our site
-> http://theexplora.tk

enjoy the amazing features.
If you aren't there its means that you are missing alot of fun. You want to play cool games, chat with friends, swim from low levels to a high one, even earn some cool cash. What are you waiting for? Join this site its nice and free with amazing features, Here is the link -> http://theexplora.tk
Wish to see you there
Guys am sick and i think your prayers will help alot pls help.... #yocliqers
Good afternoon and happy sunday yocliqers!
It's true that we don't known what we got untill we loss it, it's also true that we don't known what we have been lossing untill it arrive..... Good evening may my fellow yocliqers hope u had a blissful day here >>> yocliq.
Good morning yocliqers..... And how was your night?
A sad thing in life is to meet someone who means a lot to you. Only to find out in the end that it was never meant to be, you just have to let go.
A media file uploaded by Josh
Suggestion! Suggestion!! Suggestion!!!
pls bro @Tynash find a possible means whereby users should spend at least 5 minitus before the 25 points be add in their account for being online..... Because the way am seeing things no one want to chat or spend even 3 minutes online all the do is to login collect their points and logout. That is what i have for now bro ...see more
The DELECTE GROUP feature is not working. I Will be glad if that is fixed...
We can only send or accept 3 duels which is too low pls bro @Tynash I will be glad if u make it 5 or 6 pls
Thanks for the 300 points rock star number 7 am really enjoying this bro @Tynash
Things that needs to be fixed bro @Tynash.
1. Sharing of posts. Am finding it hard to share a post for days now.
2. Group staff are not showing. Pls if those few things are fixed i will be glad. Thanks #lovingyocliq
@Prospi @Lobby22 pls take me back to 2022, i truely miss that year ...see more
You don't known how good or bad how weak or strong a person is untill you give him or her the chance to work with you as a friend.... Do have a nice sleep yocliq family bro @Tynash @TRUSTY @Sherizo @Knifes @Prospi @christain_Oc ...see more
Log in every hour collect ur point and flee No time to check posts on homepage weldone top 7 rock stars o ...see more
Good morning and happy sunday friends, expecailly bro @JAKSBEE The guy we no dey carry last always online.. the undefeated number 1 rockstar of this amazing site ...see more
Good evening my lovely fellow @yocliqers including our boss mr @Tynash, I am glad to say that i have find the impetus locas cum vanqars suggestion that will move yocliq to the next level before i continue i may like to ask for your honourable permissions to, should i...see more
Because i too get money
A media file uploaded by Josh
Wow the group moderator feature is working well @Prospi I have make you a moderator of my group congratulations on your new progrees
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