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  Born January 1
  Joined 29 June 2022
Longest time guyz..who miss me here?
Happy new month guyz
I'm broke o.abeg guyz what can i do oo?make una help me plz.God will breast anyone dat help me.
What is the meaning of usa? United state of ajegunle.
Why did the fish blush?becoz it saw the ocean's bottom.
Jesus loves u all.
Sun hot no mean say fowl go lay boiled egg.
My frd thinks she is smart.she told me that an onion is the only food dat can make u to cry.so i threw a coconut at her face nd she started crying..
Am sorry sherif in any way that av hurt u.plz 4give me..
I saw my bf cheating on me with another girl today(crying)plz wat should i do now?
Hello ladies and gentlemen! How are u all doing this evening?
Hello guyz! Am new here..am i welcome?
Abeg make una post videos for person na.
Abeg oo who made the law that people should not smile while snapping passport?
Buh nw i can see dat i was wrong abt u all along..mtchewww
I really dnt understand this site or shld i say the pple here anymore..and u sheriff or watever u call urself.wat the hell is ur problem sef?u knw wat av lost all the respect i av 4 u b4..i thought u are a sensible person.
Whats the fucking hell is happening here lately?
If u knw dat u are juice wrld fan plz raise up ur leg..
I am so happy
I am special yes i knw..4 my momcy tells me so..this my body i will keep.4 my bf nd myself..
Plz am sorry sheriff.i can explain give me one last chance plz
Sometimes it takes a heartbreak to shake us awake nd help us see we are worth so much more than we re settling 4.
One day u re going to remember me nd hw much i loved u..then u re gonna hate urself 4 letting me go.
I'm stronger than u think.i will find sumone who is more better than u nd who knws my worth
Don't expect me to beg u to be with me.Don't expect me to cry becoz u are leaving me.i will never shed a tear 4 u becoz u are nt worth my tears..
If u think that u can no longer be with me,then u are free to go.i wnt stop u 4rm leaving.after all this is a free world
Anything that might hurt me would just make me stronger in the end
The failure of God is better than the success of men.
Hate me,hate me,tell me how u hate me.tell me how i'm trash and u could easily replace me..tell me dat i'm strung out,wasted on the daily prolly cause there's no one around me numbering all my pains..
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