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  Born November 24
  Joined 24 July 2022
I'm truthfully sorry to post this out, but please Stop sharing site links on the homepage. Like, I mean that just doesn't seem right yunno. It seems kinda off. Look ere, there'll be a group where you get to post anything concerning what you think of YoCliq so far. It's more like a forum, a discussion group. Also, you can advertise your site there but not on the homepage. Cool? Oh, and please, don't get me wrong but advertising on homepage isn't right at some point. No offence tho
If you're stammering, please don't tell a woman "your toe is big"
Follow 🙏 and, don't forget to send card as you can see, I'm on free mode. Follow me o 🥺
A media file uploaded by Knifes
Fun, then boring. Then repeat. Like seriously, what do you guys find so boring about our YoCliq? Comment so i'll know
Guys, what advanced Java Opera are you using? Send me the link ASAP
I mistakenly got an overdose of sarcasm
Hi, I'm single and ready to mingle
A media file uploaded by Knifes
Just recovered from a faint and my head hurts as fuck
They say when you're growing, your voice gets deeper. But here I am screeming like cinderella
God does not exit! Prove me wrong
Nigeria is Tinubulated
Ask me any question you may have about me and I'll answer you
For those users who only know french, Sir @Tynash, how about adding a Language Translator system or API to enable us know what they post while also enabling them to translate our Posts to their much suitable dialect?

Chip in your Idea below guys
Who do you think would most likely win?
  • 70%
  • Peter Obi
  • 0%
  • Atiku
  • 30%
  • Tinubu
Total votes: 10 • Final results
Let's pretend as if this site ain't boring, stick to the original plan. Every thing has it's own trial period, maybe this is YoCliq's? Who knows? We begin by liking posts and commenting things that could make us keep on replying. Trust me, this site could be different, also, comment your opinion below if you have one
#Knifes ...see more
If only YoCliq would go back to those good old days
Uhmm, guys, you won't be seeing much of me on here cause I'm preparing for my examinations
Been offline for a Day or two and I'm feeling like I've been offline for a year here
Lots of people claiming Ai will take over jobs. I'm sick and tired of all these. If you're friends with lots of developers or tech enthusiasts on the facebook space, I'm sure you're gonna get tired of those sorts of posts...

YoCliq is speedily Advancing to a better mind blowing site but Sir @Tynash, there's something I would wanna point out...

1. Please try limiting the number of numerics available when using a Username. What sort of names is 462 or 090 stuff?
2. Please add birthday notifications to make the site more social and user concerned cause birthdays are extremely special to some people.
Al Nasr vs PSG. Who do you think will win?! (Ronaldo vs Messi: again)

[url] https://www.facebook.com [/url]

Just testing sth
Which do you prefer when you're bored? I'm currently bored to death here
  • 40%
  • Game
  • 40%
  • Music
  • 20%
  • Videos
  • 0%
  • Others (specify)
Total votes: 5 • Final results
Edit still not working, also, how comes @Sahil got 1000pts instead of @JAKSBEE? Also, the rockstars list is empty with only Sahil on it.
My wife reported me to her family that i'm not good in bed but her junior sister said it's a lie
Whose your favourite comedian?
  • 20%
  • Nasty Blaq
  • 80%
  • Oga Sabinus
  • 0%
  • Sydney Talker
  • 0%
  • Mama Chinedu
Total votes: 5 • Final results
Lets play a game. You'll send me money.... And you'll beg me to send it back. If I send it, then you win along with the money others have me. Who's into this
What's the use of the "Activate Super Power" button in profiles?
Errors in YoCliq
1. You can't access user profile from events
2. You can't view group members
3. You can't view group administrators
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