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Your predictions
A media file uploaded by Moonlight
Sorry for not being able to give you all updates on Real Madrid and Liverpool's game , I was so busy that evening
Champions league quarter final is has been drawn and Chelsea is in trouble but I am optimistic..the blues will do well as their going up against the beast the devoured Liverpool
Bayern will face their mate Man city, lets see what Haland will do to save city from Bayern.
Yocliqers your predictions
here is a link where you will get informed on Liverpool squad for day's game
Today's match UEFA will commence by 9:00 pm
prepare for live updates from me
Today in UECL
Napoli will face Frankfurt on the battle in a death match
And Liverpool are going to prove if they deserve the 7 nil win against Man united as they go on life and death battle with a monster Real Madrid
the above matches will commence 21:00 west African time
so yocliqers make your predictions
so chelsea is tired of drawing and losing but are still stuck in the middle of the league table while arsenal are running with all their might to grab the epl cup, will they win it this season?
Good morning yocliqers enjoy your day
who is faster
  • 100%
  • flash
  • 0%
  • sonic
  • 0%
  • zoom
  • 0%
  • kid flash
Total votes: 1 • Final results
a man and his dog are going out, the man ran, but yet walked. What is the dog's name?
  • 0%
  • wiley
  • 100%
  • yet
  • 0%
  • bingo
  • 0%
  • Ronaldo
Total votes: 2 • Final results
answer this
A media file uploaded by Moonlight
why is yocliq so quiet
so Liverpool trashed Man united 7 nil , old news I know but that is the most humiliating event to have ever occurred. I wanted to cry for them but I was saving my tears for Chelsea against Leceister but Chelsea told me that my tears should not be wasted cus it was precious to them.
lol this is funny
A media file uploaded by Moonlight
Heyoo! Yocliq Moonlight is back, did y'all miss me? And am seeing new faces that's cool. I missed you guys
An example of redox reaction
A media file uploaded by TRUSTY
Jus clocked level 8, this shit is soooooo slow....
So Arsenal at the top, Man City holding second place, Spurs not living third and Chelsea is still in love with fourth. But the league is getting more interesting with Man United occupying the fifth space... Where is liverpool
can you solve it
Good morning my lovely friends, what a beautiful sunday...how are you all today?
Luna halo, mind blowing
A media file uploaded by Moonlight
The milky way, it's beautiful isn't it
A media file uploaded by Moonlight
I would say Chelsea are trying cus they've won 4 games, drawn 1 and lost 2...
What's up with Liverpool, what are they doing in number ten?
On the league table we have Man City sitting at the top, Arsenal second, Spurs third, Chelsea fourth and Newcastle fifth...where is Man United
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