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Hello i lost my grandma this morning
Hello all yocliq mebers pls i beg you in the name of god pls forgive me pls i can't never do it agin pls i promise pls EJO EFORIGIN ME
Thank god i win another duels
This night i'm going to new level by 11:00 clok pm tomorrw morning by 10am i promis first persol say congratilation i will give her facebook account
Happy Friday
A media file uploaded by Tundex
God help me
Good morning to you all
Good monring to you all my yocliq bro an sis
Hello my bro an sis pls big phone for sall pls any 1 asp
I need somebody she send me duels
Good morning to you all my fans
Tundex is back
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  • Boluwatife
    Level 35 • Veteran
    If you don't like me, stop forcing yourself to be nice to me coz i don't need fake people in my life.
Level 30 is coming to day
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Who is the nest moderator
A media file uploaded by Tundex
I like the yocliq account yocliq i a best thanks
Guy who is send me duels mafoo
A media file uploaded by Tundex
For sel 4 sal
A media file uploaded by Tundex
Who is wot to send me duels mafoo
Pls vote for brothre i beg
A media file uploaded by Tundex
How are you yocliq boy how is your family
Guy u have any facebook account 4 sale 2 year upward 100%sure i go pay you your money maybe facebook account with gmail and after the login sucessful i tell you send ur account detail to cash out
Tundex ¤
A media file uploaded by Tundex
I beg you in the namem of your Rilijoun pls vote for me
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What is the meni of KPK
Won is best musci 2022 ASAKE OR TI:BLAZ
My gan
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