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She is working in filling station, she mistakenly sent me NGN120,500 INTO my PalmPay account, meanwhile she is calling the number she sent money into n the sim I was not using it so keep it bcz iPhone use only one sim, I login to the account and saw the money. Two things came into my mind.. at this period god has bless you do refund or take it.😢 I called her number which she used for transaction and she pick the call 📞 read more in comments section
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The Rich make up their mind to earn more, while the poor says it’s a waste of money 🫶🫶🫶 @Paix
Follow my account Triddy login and deleted it from yocliq. This is new account now
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    If I don’t message you my self,, then don’t message me. Becuz you are wasting your time
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