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Nice! The idea the will even boost up Yocliq. We need app!
This is KM, Wealth and freedom.

Today I received 700 by inviting one person to their platform.

If you want to join DM me
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Those Android users should come in front of me. I thought to develop Yocliq android app.

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At 08:24, 23rd May, 2022 the first post was published by @Tynash with text message "Welcome". The same day this quoted post was also published 1 minutes after the first post was published. Now we have about 18,028 posts, 61,941 comments and 167,294 DM messages.

Thanks you Yocliqers. 🙏
@Charminglee if you say platform in a computer jargons you mean Operating System like Linux, Macintosh, Microsoft, Unix, Unix-like. So if that's what you mean I'll recommend you to use Linux distro. 👉
@Knifes ,Which platform can I learn languages like C# , C++ and Python ?
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Hello, my peoples here in I'll start posting updates on making money.

Hope you'll appreciate with it.

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I think in Yocliq @Mano is the last yocliqer in the Yocliq queue since 30th August no new yocliqer.

Please start inviting your family and friends to join 1912 yocliqers.

Yocliq for Worldwide by Africans.
You can’t stop it. It’s ultimately code and code is just speech and speech is just ideas. You can’t stop ideas. And if you try to stop that, you're going to miss out on the greatest wealth creation and innovation since the internet came into being.

🗣️ Elon Musk.

I'm back now. Welcome me please.
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It doesn't matter how fast you go, Just don't stop.
It doesn't matter how fast you go, but don't stop.
From Microcomputers to electrical and electronics follow me now.

AI: Thinking humanly, Acting humanly. Thinking Rationally, Acting Rationally.
Don't trust someone that doesn't drink coffee! #programmers #developers
What's the challenge in Duels: any idea about it.
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Yocliq Stats: less than 5 min ago their are 1332 users, about 10499 contents posted with 51826 comments replied, with 138470 direct messages send. The last registed user is @Marylove001 with identification 1332.
@Tynash issue about activitycenter: promoted post showing BBCode, post text require stripping any markup code.
Street Runner: Always street is the winner.
The biggest mistake yocliq play is that allowing to use any name as a username and duel never ever allow yocliq to develop
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Yocliq need more features to be information network, Am I right Yocliqers?
Is Yocliq a social information network or duels network?
Who like to join new digital world the era of information.
@Tynash need to meet about Yocliq Android mobile app.
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