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Thousands of people from all over the world are having fun and making new friends on Yocliq every day.

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How to create a YoCliq account?
First step to start chatting with new people is to register on yocliq.com. If you want to register, you have to add information (such as username, email address, date of birth, gender and password) by yourself.
What should I do if I forget my password?
If you have registered your YoCliq account by email the only step to reset your password is to click “Forgot password?” and follow the simple instructions to reset it.
What if I have a problem while trying to log into my YoCliq account?
Your password is incorrect: click "Forgot the password"; and follow the listed instructions.
How to modify my personal details?
You can modify your username, email, date of birth, gender, phone number and about in the Profile section.
Go to profile >> Settings >> Edit Profile Details.
How to delete my profile?
You can deactivate (delete) your profile following this guide.
Go to profile - Settings - Delete Account.
If for any reason it doesn’t work, contact our Support team. We will remove your profile from the website.
How to change my email?
Go to profile - Settings - Change Email Address.
What are points and how do they work
Points is a monetary system on YoCliq which is used for purchasing various things such as Leveling up, promoting a post, boosting your popularity and featuring your profile on YoCliq Stars. Certain amount of points are deducted from your account when you participate in these activities.
How to earn more points
1. You can earn points by spending more time online, the longer you stay the more points you earn
2. You can also earn points by participating in available offers. Go to homepage and click menu >> offers to check available offers.
What are levels and how do they work
Levels is a ranking system on YoCliq. High level means high popularity. Points are used to increase your level.
How do I upload my photos
Go to your profile and click the upload photo button. With the upload photo option you will be able to set your profile photo and cover photo
How to delete my photos?
Click the photo and you will see the delete link. Click on it to delete the photo.
Why was my photo deleted?
Presumably, your photo was deleted because it did not correspond with the requirements to the photos. All the photos of an inappropriate nature are removed by moderators.
Profile Verification
Getting Verified status helps to prove to other users that you're a real person, making it easier to make friends. Only people with a verified status will be able to create posts.
How do I switch to dark mode?
Go to Menu >> Theme