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May the most expensive coffin/casket ever right to you and your family!
Say amen if you want to live long life!!
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Jesus died and rose again.
He overcame death and he is alive.
I dare you to say; "God you are great."
After she ate the yam and egg that I cooked by myself and I tell her say "oyah nah, omoh am horny"
She now lied tell me say she be virgin and I tell her "you virgin? What of the day u're moaning at Samad's room?"
She lied that she was toileting
I fainted! eheh
It seems like all this mosquitoes has resume back to bed, so I need to drink one bottle of sniper and one bottle of dd force to rub my whole body to avoid them.
Hope am on the right way?
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The longer we silent the more we get much experience
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YoungPresident reposted
Rate this 1to10 And don't forget to follow @YoungPresident at any social media platfor with @Ayorinde Abdul Qudus
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YoungPresident reposted
@blessed_gift this is the type of vawulence people am talking about!
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Butcher Needed at Plot A&B Tynash Street at Young President Compound Behind Yocliq Social Media Company Zimbabwe knife Blood Nigeria

You must come with your CV Degree or Master Needed to qualify for this opportunity
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JaneDoe reposted
This yocliq is too dull
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Pls guys....
Were can i download nice games for tecno t484...
If u know pls
Drop ur comment at the comment sesion...
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Chidubem reposted
If you are really man u fans you must know the name of this player
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Delay Is Not Denial. Be Patient. God will make a way. Don't grow weary of waiting on God. If we are patient with Him, God can break through our desperate situations and transform our toughest trials into trophies of grace. When answers don't come immediately, fight the urge to become impatient and the temptation to quit. Never mistake God's silence for inaction. Even when it seems that He has delayed, He is on time. He is working and waiting for the right time to intervene, to leave you doubtless that He's the One who makes all the difference in your life. As you wait, persevere in prayer and believe that "Nothing is too difficult for Him" (Jeremiah 32:17) Remember, "Yet those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary." (Isaiah 40:31) Delay is not denial,my brother,my sister.Cast your burdens unto the Lord he cares.He has the blue print of your life and your destiny. The best is yet to come, Better things are ahead.What God is going to do in your life its amazing and permanent.Your tomorrow is beautiful and you will proclaim the goodness of Lord in the land of the living!Have a blessed day better than yesterday in Jesus mighty name Amen!
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Guys help me i need a cool wapka theme fore my wapka website please help me out
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Omo am just passing my street up and down i never smell any jollof rice aroma abi nah white rice they dey cook! Pls give me location dm or call my number
Journey of thousand miles begin with a single step .....
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When lookin at the mirror lonk at your ability not your reflection
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Happy salah to all yocliqers i wish you all the best may allah spare ou life
Don't u hear that tinubu fall down on june 12 at Abuja? And it say that is Nigeria Problem that want to kill him is it true?
Guydarcy reposted
Sorry for posting it late @Tynash
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