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That small twins girl no know wat do am, When i dey house jejely con dey browsing. She suddenly ran to me and shout "Brother! Brother com and look snake, it has want to enter my twin sister bumbum"
I too do like person wey ready to fight snake and rush without handling any tool to hook the snake!
I reached there and asked "Twins, Where is the snake you went to called me for?" I don't see any snake am just looking around all the hidden places & holes to found the snake. Suddenly both twins laughed together, and they both shout "Hoobbi, Its April fool"
I be like slap dem but i realize i also fool them that "A Rat is smoking"!
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2000+ users and 6320+ posts in yocliq since May 2022. @sherizo am I right?
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If you are a developer say 'Hello World'.
Not yet a developer say 'Hi'.
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Some of the time you might want to leave but there's no comment there,I think the person's name comment hehehe,aye not funny
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Itz successful Way»»» jokes And Storys

States And Capital
Snake And Carpenter
Abia - Who am i
Adamawa - Loyal
Aklwaibom - You know
Anambra - Your car
Bauchi - Buy chip
Bayelsa - Na Yanga
Benue - My cousin
Borno -My deal go real
Delta - Asanwa
Edo - Begin sitting
Enugu - A new good
Imo - Old way rain
Cross River - Climb her back
Ebonyi -i buy kuli kuli

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What make u dating ur boyfriend / girlfriend?
Vote & drop ur cmt. I wanna know if there is true love in life!
  • 33%
  • Money
  • 0%
  • Beauty
  • 33%
  • Habits
  • 33%
  • Real love
  • Total votes: 3 · 5 days left
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If you still remember the movie titled Bahuballi. Where was bahuballi died to?
1). During the first war of Kalekiya.
2). During the misunderstanding between him & balla.
3). During the second war of Kalekiya.
4). During the time he is chasing the miscellanous lady.
5). During the fights on hills.
!-No google search pls-!
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Which color is the most beautiful?
  • Total votes: 3 · 5 days left
Paul have started again now!
Girls pls be smelling your boyfriend before you hug him.
Today when we just play football finish, all our trousers were dirtied with sand dust.
Suddenly, paul girlfriend's called him and told him to meet him in her workshop. Guess one thing that paul does? He don't bath all the dust away and change his cloth but he just put some little water on his hand and use it to clean the dust on his trouser! I laughed till i fall down and he said "Thats how nigga does!"
Boys that don't do this, is that how all boys do?
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Oluwatoyin reposted
Challenge!! Challenge!! Challenge!!

Say this fast

"Three witches wish three wishes but which witch knows which wish which witch wish??"

Lol how fast can you say this
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Only the luckiest of people can pronounce this fast

"I yam stew pit"

I dey my house come beat me, I no fit run
Just looking for trouble today oo
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You see! Its happened again!
One guy dey chat my girlfriend on facebook, He message her say "Hi" and my girlfriend also replied him!
For not too far... As they were both chatting, the guy text her say "Baby have you bath, Have you also eat?"
By the day evening, my girlfriend gist me all about what the rubbish guy is texting to her!
By night, I message the guy same on facebook and he also replied me cuz he no get work always online.
I text him say "Bro, why u dey question my girlfriend that have she take her bath?"
He replied me that "Say nah you pretend like the girl am chatting with, so how did you know?"
I replied him "Am not pretend cuz am not living fake life! Its my girlfriend told me all your fucking msg!"
He sent the laughing emoji and i reply "Why laughing bro? Dey play?"
He also replied "Bro you are not serious, Is nah only go date that pretty girl?"
I replied that "You are also fool! If i can't only date her, then lets cut her into two!"
I gave him blocking and last msg "You dey mad bro!"
Guydarcy reposted
Who's your best French singer

  • 14%
  • Dadju
  • 43%
  • Tayc
  • 0%
  • Tiakola
  • 43%
  • Master Gims
  • Total votes: 7 · 33 mins left
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Challenge!! Challenge!! Challenge!!

Say this fast

"Three witches wish three wishes but which witch knows which wish which witch wish??"

Lol how fast can you say this
5 replies · 7 likes · 1 repost

between cholocate and congralutation

which one do you read wrong?? Lol
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Who's your best French singer

  • 14%
  • Dadju
  • 43%
  • Tayc
  • 0%
  • Tiakola
  • 43%
  • Master Gims
  • Total votes: 7 · 33 mins left
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Itz Successful Way»»» jokes & storys

Fear Girls
I just met my ex and she was kissioi her new boyfriend in front of me. i was watching them and she saw me then she kissed him more and asked of what i was doing there. i told her my wife is pregnant and i an here to buy baby stuff and i am very very happy. i spoke as he she asked how i was feeling. i proceed in the store as she was looking at me, i bought 3 buckets,diapers, a baby seat and a baby bed with sponge with soaps them i called a taxi and left she and her boyfriend were looking at me and i felt good. Now,my issue is, he you know any women who has birth, i an selling bucket,diapers,baby seat,snapp and sponge. Please HELP me i was supposed to in and pay our compound electricity bill with the money

Follow Me@Chidubem
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"Chuckles" whoa!! Hahahaha childhood memories, three years back on ss1, could nt help it but laugh.. I can't believe I missed all my sec school gee mate's, though we were five comared troublemaker's me, justice,aboubakar, success and Joseph..

And unforgettable memories, sigh.. University life is loading...

New life loading...

New friends loading..

New trouble finding loading..

No uniform life loading..

Serious relationship loading..

Hmmm its tearful we were not going to meet again, due to we were not studying xame course..

Justice wants to study micro biology

Success wants to study MBBS

Aboubakar wants to study nursing

Joseph wants to study computer science

And I wants to study (EEE) electric/electronic engineering.. though wasn't what i want.. kinda change of mind..

Stay tune University pics are loading... "Smirks"
Media loading...
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I always find it difficult uploading videos on these platform since when it was changed from chatspes to yocliq it takes me a hour to upload 5secs video playing
6 replies · 2 likes
Whoa!! Am finally back!!! Jamb Utme examination done and dusted, waiting for the results. Who miss me??
8 replies · 9 likes
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