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Guydarcy reposted
@Tynash: Bro i want to send you 100.000$ on your MTN but 0 button had block

@Sherizo: Boss send 99.995$ Then send again 5$ again you will already finish!


to be continue...
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Xup guys!!!!

Wanna know whats trending??

Check out the comments section below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
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Goku2 reposted
I need help, who can open websit for me on wapka pleare guys help me am sad help..help help
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My mouth I may stop from speaking evil.

My hand I may stop from picking what is not mine.

My eye I may turn from seeing evil.

BUT my heart of all parts; how can i tame from loving evil and hating good.

Praise be to God of my salvation who moulds my heart like a potter.

Christ is coming for a church without blemish. Ask God to wash your heart with the blood of the lamb.
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In yours, most used browser is?
  • Total votes: 0 · 6 days left
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I need help, who can open websit for me on wapka pleare guys help me am sad help..help help
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Since have join this web is dark mode am using try that darkmode
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Do you really think that yocliq can be more like facebook?
  • 44%
  • Yes
  • 33%
  • Maybe
  • 0%
  • Ofcourse
  • 22%
  • No
  • Total votes: 9 · 5 days left
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Guydarcy reposted
Who is the best?
  • 84%
  • Mr.mark zuckerburg
  • 5%
  • Mr. James gosling
  • 0%
  • Mr. Pavel durov
  • 11%
  • Mr.tynash
  • Total votes: 19 · 4 days left
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Who dresses better
  • Total votes: 0 · 5 days left
If you can change your mind you can change your life
You just entered your house and heard some soulful mysterious sex sounds while your girlfriend his inside. What will you think?
Reply as the boyfriend
2 replies
Did you know that snails can sleep for years without waking up
The pain of separation
In the quiet of the night, I lie awake,

Thoughts of you make my heart ache.

Distance separates us far and wide,

I yearn to be right by your side.

Memories of laughter and shared delight,

Now seem like stars in a darkened night.

Your absence, a heavy burden to bear,

In solitude, I find myself ensnared.

Through the trials of this lonely hour,

I cling to hope like a fading flower.

Dreams of reunion fill my mind,

A balm for the ache, gentle and kind.

Though miles apart, our love holds true,

Guiding me back to the one that's you.

Until the day we meet again,

In my heart, you'll forever remain
If indomie is fast food what then is garri
6 replies
Who's interested in a deal?
I'll help you learn to code quickly for free, and in return, you help me by inviting others to learn to code for free as well.
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Do you know one man food is another man poison? Lets investigate the truly that deep into the deeped and damn the heart of fornicationers here.
Jacob was a stingy guy but like girls too much, Paul also as a abusive who abuse anyone prefer to be stingy.
That historical was as they were young (past events).
As they were getting older, Jacob was at 26yrs why Paul was at 28yrs.
As I wrote previously that Jacob like too much of having funs with girls and extravagant of wealth.
On a sudden night of year 2023, Jacob father dead and all his family were in a sorrow of the pain's of the dealth of Jacob's father but Jacob was happy, planning how he will be extravagant of his father's wealth as he was the heir of the family so others were female.
A sudden day, Jacob dress out and head to a street finding a girl to rape. Although he saw one lady and running after her but as he couldn't successfull to catch the lady, a car hitted him and run deadly!
Now, pls does Jacob commit sin through his current thaught or not?
1 reply · 3 likes
Which one is the first social media networking below?
  • 0%
  • Prodigits
  • 33%
  • Facebook
  • 33%
  • Hi5
  • 33%
  • WhatsApp
  • Total votes: 6 · 5 days left
@tynash, @sherizo, #webmasters please what attribute can cause lazy loading that leads to "timeout" on a website.
1 reply
Which game is the best
  • 38%
  • Free fire
  • 50%
  • call of duty
  • 0%
  • Dragon ballz
  • 13%
  • GTA 5
  • Total votes: 8 · 21 hrs left
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