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Am Destiny Oghenekaro


.....Pls, FOLLOW Me....
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Unfollow DesKaro?
Their posts will no longer show up in your home timeline. You can still view their profile, unless their posts are protected.
@Tynash, What's going on? The Weekly Top Users

It's not functioning as it used to, why?

I think you should take a look at it, if you can fixed it.

Other Moderators, @Sherizo, @Blessed_Gift, @Tolani, etc. See if you can help
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A big "THANK YOU" to @Tynash for appointing me as a moderator on this website, YoCliq...

I know being a moderator isn't an easy task, but, i will try my best and work hard.

"THANKS YOU" too, @Sherizo for your gulidlines here. You've been moderating well here.

CONGRATULATIONS to me and other who were appionted. Let's work, moderate together.

Thank you all for your supports
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DesKaro reposted
How to squirt
Find your G-spot
Stimulate your G-spot
Listen to your body
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