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Yo people
Hope am not late
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People are no longer coming online
Let me follow suit
Good bye for the now
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A member of a church underwent a major operation, and his medical bill was N245,000. And he couldn't afford it.

His brother went to the Pastor on Sunday and told him to assist. The Pastor picked the microphone and told the church that our brother needs N245,000 to settle his medical bill.

Members began to donate.

After donations, what was realized was N760,000. And after the church, the Pastor counted N245,000 and gave the brother to the sick person, and then he put the balance into the church account.

The sick person's family are aggrieved. They're of the opinion that members raised that money for their brother and not the church so the church has no right to keep back any amount given to their brother. Cos the announcement was specifically to raise money for the sick brother.

The pastor is saying that they requested for N245k and he has given it to them. So whatever is left belongs to the church.

What is your take on this?
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No body has notice 🤦🤦🤦🤦 #admin
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Finally I was able to login

I guess the domin has expired
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Is this still under construction like socialbd
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A husband and wife went for divorce at a court..

Judge : You have 3 kids. How will you divide them?

They had a long discussion with his wife and said ok, sir, we will come next year with one more 🤣

9 months later, they got twins 🤣
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When someone tries to trigger you by insulting you or by doing or saying something that irritates you, take a deep breath and switch off your ego. Remember that: if you are easily offended, you are easily manipulated.
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Some people will be like he doesn't check his notification because he don't have the time he only have time to ............
But see for urself
I don't just know 🤷🤷🤷🤷
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Please teach me on how to management
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So how do we get to more rank
From novice to other rank
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