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Who is the king of football
  • Total votes: 1 · 6 days left
The devil will give u a hundred reasons to cry but God will give as a thousand reasons to rejoice. HAPPY SUNDAY! YOCLIQERS
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Please don't text me if you text me i can kill you before i look 250xp now for duel lose
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Rambow reposted
Amen Amen
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King_liberty reposted
which one is the best site among these
  • Total votes: 9 · 4 days left
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Hello #everyone!
Please I need your help.
What's the function/uses of "?" sign within a URL.
Example; threads.com/index.php?logout
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which one is the best site among these
  • Total votes: 9 · 4 days left
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Masterkraft reposted
Our babies are smaller hahaha
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What can't you stay without for a day?
  • Total votes: 4 · 4 days left
Blessed_Gift reposted
do they look alike?
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Guydarcy reposted
Don't skip! just vote

which is the best website
  • Total votes: 9 · 3 days left
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All of yocliq user should go an know how to fight because i want to fight with you don't forgot that i have chicken i will use it to fight with you
Rambow reposted
Yocliq user don't message me now because i can come an kill you, i will use spoon and rice to kill you
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Free reposting your post just follow me and inbox me for free
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When was England crown world cup champions?
  • Total votes: 0 · 4 days left
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