Lets Laugh
1. Nothing Sweet Girls Reach When The Mother Of Her Crush Calls Her "our Wife" she Will Be Like "mama has the Goat Bathed" mama can't I Mop The Sink? "yeee!!! Who Stone Me Akpu

2. I Naw run Online Business...
Just Send Me The Money And I Will Direct The chicken To Your House

3. Teacher:people Without Legs Can't Die, why?
Me:Because They Can't Kick The Bucket Nah

Omo my Wisdom Dey overflow

4. Favour Don Go Tickle Bike Man For Road.... May Their souls Rest In Peace

5. The Moment I Knew Nigeria Was In Trouble Was When Someone Stole His Neighbour's Goat And Dyed it Black
Only For The Owner To See The Goat And Say "This Is My Goat, I Recognized Its Smile"

8. I Wonder How People That Yete Owing lazarus money Felt When Jesus Raised Him From Death

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