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Father' Thank you for the voice to say "Happy New Month".
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Hello Yocliq users which African country do you belong to, lets see the country with the highest yocliq users :blush: :blush: :blush:
  • 85%
  • Nigeria
  • 0%
  • South Africa
  • 0%
  • Ghana
  • 15%
  • My country is not here
  • Total votes: 20 · Final results
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@Sparkle_Timmy. Everytime somebody is looking for your red eye. As humans we were created with a white and a black or brown eye. I don't know how yours turned red.
Please take kindly.
Guess i might join your enemy list.
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...Bring it out!" my class teacher said to me. I quietly brought out the white coloured powder from my breast pocket and landed it into his opened left hand.
"what is this?" he asked me. "it's sugar sir" i replied.

"You lie...!" he quickly yelled.
I asked him to give me the powder so i can taste it in his front,
but he refused saying i would lie to him.

He then called out our class prefect, "John, go to the science lab and get me a tiny spatular".
John left quickly and within some seconds, he was back with the spatular in his hand.

My teacher told john to measure a little quantity of the powder and tell him what it tastes like.

John out measured the powder and threw a large amount into his mouth(thinking it was sugar).

"What does it taste like..?" he asked john.
but john couldn't speak, his mouth was just wide open and his eyes started turning red.

"i said, what is the taste..!" he yelled at john.

John struggled to speak but then he quietly stammered. Co......l..os, sir it colos.

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Yesterday, i didn't receive any valentine gift. Reason because i'm not into any relationship.
It's not that i can't get a girl to date. But i'm just afraid of getting my heart broken, i have NOT been Heart broken before but i've heard stories of people getting their heart broken. And i can't afford to fall into that trap called love.
I remain @Blacboytk.
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@Timileyin you should'nt generate enemies in a very peacefull site like yocliq. Please love everyone like a family. I plead.
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Happy val to you all. I'm expecting your babies by november! :-D
So tomorrow una go collect Ash for morning, still comot go Val for evening.
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I'm a songwriter, and a content creator.
I put all my experience and emotions into what i write.

If you need a write up on your website, your app or any other important stuff just SMS me.
DM me @callhimtk if interested.

Charges are fair and negotiable.
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That the bolt of lightning is five times hotter than the sun.
Good morning! And happy sunday fellow YC Family.

Normally, no one is allowed to spoil your day. ;-)
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That the bolt of lightning is five times hotter than the sun.
Mr. @tynash i can't follow someone, and there should be a special box for writting complains. Not putting them on the homepage news feed.
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That the bolt of lightning is five times hotter than the sun.
**me sitting inside a bus smilling**

Passenger: bros. This one wey you de smile, hope all is well?

Me: hmm, e get one girl wey i de follow since, so today she just called me and told me to come over!

Passenger: wow!

Me: i'm even going there prepared. I bought two packet of c*nd*m! Ready to strike! She go feel me today.

Passenger: are you serious!

Me: no be small thing! Let me show you her picture sef. Let you see the big ny*nsh.

**shows him her picture**

Me: you see am!

Passenger: wait oh, no be chioma be this?

Me: eheh???

Passenger: my daughter??

Me: ?_?_?
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Nothing is more peaceful than a guy who is not into any relationship.
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