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Life is like riding a bicycle in order to stay balance/escape earth gravitational pull u must keep...see more
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Just keep watching until I drop the payout screenshot 😋😋
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Don't think its a joke
I only share legit update
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I'm back with a good news.

This airdrop can give you free 25,000 of token when you sighup and is equal $5000usdt
Inbox me for link.
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Longtime guys
I promise next month i`|| be active
Long time everyone i lost my phone that why ive not been online.
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AI robot has been apointed as a CEO and BOARD member of a global company.


Stephen hawking prediction of AI to take over the world will soon come true.
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Eba of

A man bought an Iphone 15 pro from computer village which cost 2.1m but later find out that it was asually eba that was in the package.
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percent of yocliq members uses the dark theme.
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Please all should try and join this group "Muslim_christian unity" so we can share what we no with each other~Also join "Aqua science loverz" where u can post anything related to science including maths
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Maybe i should creat a group were both muslim and christian shares their thoughts about god's word so everyone will benefit~please give ur feedback before i processed.
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Many people dont know what's going on
The war between isreal and palestine may cause world-war 3 due to the backup that each country has
The world is at threat
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Lile is full of s@m l@rry incase u wanna japa like marl€y remember no peace for the wick€d lol
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Why everybody running from the home page.
I mean nobody won post update
I remember this great phone.
MTN phone powered by kaios.
who has it
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Which app can be use to dowmload java app direct to memory before the main installation and where to get it
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Am back on 2go
Pls add me
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Japan to release teated redioactive wastewater this week if there's no obstacle.
What your veiw
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Wow try this and dont forget to comment!
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