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i swear i can drive 1k new register per-day to yocliq
Let admin @tynash do SEO for this web and convert it to app for earth fit
And he should do QR code and let users create their own users link e.g http://www.yocliq.com/@tynash/ and this can help this web future to bright in the earth

2. @tynash and @sherizo Stop choosing moderator by yourself coz this system affect almost 25% web site in this yocliq. Let yocliqers be voting for moderator and let moderator have number in limit e.g 10moderator are choosing after one year by yocliqers members. And let the person that want to submit application must have good example and promoting yocliq web users at least this website must be having at leas 30new members per week and this must be done by moderator, their job is not only hidding legal post

3. Don't have determination to be making money from this app for now let it be well know by the earth before having mind in making it for profit

4. Be creating ads code for this website
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Good Morning Gentlemen And The Other Gender That Betrayed Samson!?
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Yesterday, i didn't receive any valentine gift. Reason because i'm not into any relationship.
It's not that i can't get a girl to date. But i'm just afraid of getting my heart broken, i have NOT been Heart broken before but i've heard stories of people getting their heart broken. And i can't afford to fall into that trap called love.
I remain @Blacboytk.
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All of you i will hack your yocliq account including the admin.
It is @Precious001 that hack @Timileyin account.
I will hack all of you account on yocliq.@Rokie,@Uniquegee,and including the admin @Tynash.
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@precious001 i have chat @timileyin on 2go and he send me a messege to you about his account that you stole

@precious001 read the post below and revive his account as soon as possible

and stop posting nonsences about sir @tynash

i have done my work

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Sir @tynash pls i want to know more about this e-mail verification

my email is already verified by google but i didnt get any batch

pls my fellows help me and explain to me...

how does it work...??

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