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  bored. Message me!
  Born May 29
  Joined 14 June 2022
Hi longest time
Why is there so much ads on this site ?!
Longest time
Hey guys
For sale
According to my on statics Eric is the most stupid person on earth
do whatever you wonna do asshole
I no get secret
I no get secret
Lol the asshole deleted the post
Who is more famous??
  • 20%
  • Eric36
  • 80%
  • Sherizo
Total votes: 10 • Final results
This is how eric look like in my face
Shame on Rwanda
The asshole country is fucking poor
That's the amount of money I spend on data this month
Whats wrong??
Sometimes if I want to argue with some fools
I normally remember that silence is the best answer for a fool so I keep quiet
This just an Apple
Good morning guys
You no won go London??
Good night bosses
Congratulations to APC ekiti state
Make una vote for me and n my new duels
Good morning yocliq
Good morning everyone
I don't do many thing wrong because
Romans 4:15:
For the law worketh wrath. For where there is no law, neither is there transgression
is online. Just say hie.
Who want to deuls with me ?
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